The Heart of God’s Intercessors

Men and women called to live as God’s Intercessors are called to live a life of separation and holiness. Whether married, or single, their lives are abandoned unto God. They have given up their right to make life choices for themselves outside of God’s Perfect Will. God’s chosen Intercessors, that are called to the married life, have no desire to live single, and His Intercessors, called to live single, have no desire to live married. These men and women realize that, more than a lifestyle, these positions, married or single, are actually the platforms upon which they are to carry out their God-given assignments. Living married or single is not intended to serve them, but are crafted, in Eternity, to Serve the Eternal King. In this servitude, these particular states of existence bring a fulfillment into their lives, that in comparison, the world’s standards could never match.

Although all, in the Body of Christ, are called to intercede, all are not, necessarily called to live a “life of intercession.” These individuals, chosen from among the masses to live that intense life, are the Simeons and Annas of the 21st century [see Luke 2:21-39]. Today’s Intercessors are, among other things, the Watchmen and Gatekeepers that gladly live outside of the systems of this world so that they may live abandoned lives unto God and, in so doing, become the “Keepers of the Flame.” Their intensely consecrated lives are empowered, directed and guided by Holy Spirit. Because of their submission to Holy Spirit, they can easily yield/submit to the Will of the Father. Even when temptations are sent to dance across the stage of their lives, their abandonment to God cancels out their desire and/or willingness to allow their carnal nature to turn them off of their path. Through the changed nature brought on by the Redeeming Blood of Christ, the flesh has lost it’s voting privileges, as well as, it’s ability to move counter to the activity of Holy Spirit! These Intercessors stand in victory and power!

There is a sound rising from the Earth, It is the sound of God’s Prepared Intercessors, and our voices are being heard in the Chambers of Eternity. Victory is evident! Rejoice!


Do Not Miss The Moment

Once again, a revelation from Father, as well as confirming words during a recent prayer call, has compelled me to take to the pen. There is a continuing phenomenon challenging the Body of Christ, and it is Satan’s consistent use of the tools of distraction. These tools, which are having unwarranted successes, are being used to threaten, and then diminish the impact of leadership within the Church, and in doing so, has restricted those, spiritually qualified, from stepping into their appointed Kingdom assignments. Finding their targets among unsuspecting leaders, these distractions are levering potential death blows to visions and “mantle” assignments among the Body of Christ. For the enemy, these distractions must release spiritual death blows, especially upon those who are assigned to lead the approaching Move of God, that the Movement might slow down, or die from a contaminated root system. Two of the enemy’s greatest tools in accomplishing these death blows, is to influence us, through outward deceptions, to keep our attention on what we see, and not on the unseen, especially when it prevents us from peering into his death camp. His other tactic is to keep us focused on the “Old” so that we cannot see, clearly, the shifts that are happening in the Earth realm through the impact of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is producing the “New!” The most threatening thing that can happen to hell’s courts is for demons to recognize that we are consciously aware of them, and yet are following the winds of change, and that we, submitted to the directives of Holy Spirt, regardless of Hell’s intent to block or stop us, are winning, both on Earth, and under the Earth!

2014 was identified as, the Year of the Open Door. This year, 2015, has been prophetically identified as passing through the open door! Between the open door, and the crossing over, is a threshold. Many in the Body of Christ, who have been assigned to lead in this next transformation, have been standing on the threshold, awaiting the sound from Heaven to proceed forward. Here’s the dilemma. In the season of the open door, we were still in that place of the “old wine,” so to say. On the threshold was the place that deeper inner change was beginning to take place in order that one could successfully encounter and flow into the new. On the other side of the threshold, would be the actual place of the manifestation of the new wine. It would be the place of encountering the new revelation (“new” meaning, never had been encountered; recently born), which describes “new wine.”  As one steps off the threshold, into the other side, is where the other phenomena occurs. This is where the enemy shows up, more deceptive and dangerous than ever before. He is determined that this is as far as one gets in their purpose of carrying out Father’s vision of transformation. The enemy has no intention of allowing the new wine to flow. It is in this place of increases of the plummeting, through distractions, that a portion of the remnant company is weakened, and falters.

When I speak of the “remnant company, I speak of the generation of the redeemed that has been raised up, in the Divine timing of God, to encounter a changing tide. Just as the whole of Israel was a remnant nation, so is the “company of the redeemed.” But as God’s remnant nation also faltered in their journey, there would be in their midst, cut from their very cloth, a remnant tribe, “the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do;” It would be this remnant of the remnant, that would have their ear tuned into the “sound” from Heaven. They were all part of the whole, but there Assignments would prove to be different. This place of “assignment” will be the stage in which the war will increase. An Assignment is only as successful as the one, given the Assignment, can hear and follow the instructions of the One initiating the Assignment! With every Assignment comes the increase in the enemy’s objections through the violence of distractions. Distractions, being diversion tactics of Hell must NEVER be missed by those assigned “remnant” status. That would be like stepping on a land mine!! The very “Kingdom” intent for your being in the Earth would be compromised, and someone else would have to pick up your “banner” and continue the path to what once was your destination! We can never forget that our very purpose for being here is not for our purposes, but for His Glory!

So, for those of us, in remnant status, that have stepped through the open door….STOP….STAND STILL…RECALIBRATE!! Make sure the venomous distractions, meant to cancel your Assignment, are not slithering around your ankles and feet. And then….step into the NEW WINE of Father’s NEW REVELATIONS. WE HAVE WORK TO DO! #thykingdomcome #thekingdomishere