The Heart of God’s Intercessors

Men and women called to live as God’s Intercessors are called to live a life of separation and holiness. Whether married, or single, their lives are abandoned unto God. They have given up their right to make life choices for themselves outside of God’s Perfect Will. God’s chosen Intercessors, that are called to the married life, have no desire to live single, and His Intercessors, called to live single, have no desire to live married. These men and women realize that, more than a lifestyle, these positions, married or single, are actually the platforms upon which they are to carry out their God-given assignments. Living married or single is not intended to serve them, but are crafted, in Eternity, to Serve the Eternal King. In this servitude, these particular states of existence bring a fulfillment into their lives, that in comparison, the world’s standards could never match.

Although all, in the Body of Christ, are called to intercede, all are not, necessarily called to live a “life of intercession.” These individuals, chosen from among the masses to live that intense life, are the Simeons and Annas of the 21st century [see Luke 2:21-39]. Today’s Intercessors are, among other things, the Watchmen and Gatekeepers that gladly live outside of the systems of this world so that they may live abandoned lives unto God and, in so doing, become the “Keepers of the Flame.” Their intensely consecrated lives are empowered, directed and guided by Holy Spirit. Because of their submission to Holy Spirit, they can easily yield/submit to the Will of the Father. Even when temptations are sent to dance across the stage of their lives, their abandonment to God cancels out their desire and/or willingness to allow their carnal nature to turn them off of their path. Through the changed nature brought on by the Redeeming Blood of Christ, the flesh has lost it’s voting privileges, as well as, it’s ability to move counter to the activity of Holy Spirit! These Intercessors stand in victory and power!

There is a sound rising from the Earth, It is the sound of God’s Prepared Intercessors, and our voices are being heard in the Chambers of Eternity. Victory is evident! Rejoice!



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